A fun combination of PCB soldering, brass milling, and careful woodwork.

The culmination of at least 100 hours of work, considerable sweat, and a small amount of blood, is the desk I built for my office in 2012 after moving from West Philly to Manayunk. Growing up around power tools and construction sites has some perks.

While the issues I have with Apple's software design are numerous, their hardware usually rates pretty well. One drawback of the otherwise well designed Macbook is lack of a good docking solution, which was an issue I finally managed to solve during this build, courtesy of a HengeDock, angle steel, and felt.

Desk Assembly (Timelapse)
Most of the actual cutting, drilling, and cursing was done at my father's workshop, about 2 hours west of Philly. As such, the entire project can be broken down to fit in the back of a Jeep Cherokee, and the majority of the reassembly is shown here.

I have a habit of finding a use for any open space within reach. Behind the drawers became my charging station.

I always hated was having to root around behind a computer for a USB or Firewire port, or on the floor for an open outlet.

Headshot, courtesy of the fine folks at PWPVideo.