-Ten years working in narrative, documentary, corporate, and live productions

-Familiar with RED line, Sony FS/EX series, Panasonic AVCHD cameras, and Canon DSLRs

-Experienced as Director of Photography, Camera Operator, and First AC

-Additional engineering experience with live webcasting and multi-camera shoots

It's well known that fog = drama.

Panasonic's AG-AC160 is great for event coverage or b-roll. Shoots up to 1080 60p to SD cards at variable frame rates and has HD-SDI Out.

Added to my kit in early 2013, Kino's Diva 400 is compact, cool, and eternally useful.

The IDS Slider Plus handles 30lb payloads in a variety of configurations, from this motorized 3 foot setup to more elaborate layouts with multiple pieces of straight or curved track.

Combining Dynamic Perception hardware with the Slider Plus took some time at the mill. The final product can be configured for glacially slow camera moves or motion timelapse.